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42.195km To Go!! Result: Bangkok Marathon 2009

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I participated in the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon 2009 at November 22.

The 2nd group was waiting to start(3:30AM) on starting point.
Starting and finishing point of Bangkok Marathon 2009
The 1st group starting scene (shoot with mobile phone).Uploaded to youtube.

The first group of runners started at 2:00 am (finishing time 5-7 hours) while the second group of runners started at 3:30 am (finishing time within 5 hours).
I started out from at the starting point in front of the Royal Palace at 3:30AM.

Naturally I have completed the race, finish time is 3hours 41minutes and 36seconds (gun time).
But couldn't reach my goal that is sub 3.5hours......

Official result
My race result at Bangkok Marathon 2009





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